Start your day by putting your dreams in motion. Believe that something will come true and act accordingly - and you can be sure that it will. Writing affirmations is a great way to align yourself to the vibration of what you desire, whether it be in business or your personal life.


It’s easy, just let it flow. Here are some of the tips I teach my clients:

1. Wake up and head right to the morning pages. 30 minutes of “brain dump” in which you write whatever comes to mind. This is important because it helps clear the messy cloud of thoughts and gets you right to understanding what you really want to manifest. Once that’s out of the way, you can start writing your affirmations.  

2. 50 affirmations a day. You can write the same affirmation over and over again 50 times, or 50 different affirmations. Whatever feels good to you that morning. I suggest to start generic to then get specific. For example, you want to start a company and make lots of money. You may start with “I am success”. But then, try to dig deeper and get clear on what you want. “I am the founder of a successful company. I love going to work everyday in my beautiful office and accomplishing goals together with my amazing team”.

3. Identify your feelings. Since it’s first thing in the morning, you could be thinking “I am tired”. Turn it around and replace it with a positive affirmation. “I am full of energy.” Feel the shift!

4. Put yourself in the affirmation. The "I am" gives it power, and it becomes a part of you. You have the power to change your vibration. “I want wealth” becomes “I am wealth”. You have to embody it in order to attract it.

5. Use a noun instead of an adjective. It doesn’t just describe you, it becomes so much more than that. You are truly connected to it. “I am healthy” becomes “I am health”.

The affirmation I keep returning to is “I am light”. It’s a wonderful synchronicity that Elena literally means “shining light” in Greek. This affirmation holds a double meaning for me: I am free from the heaviness of negativity and worry, and I am also shining light in order to guide others.

Which affirmations will you write down and bring to life tomorrow?

Elena CipriettiComment