Why did you get up today? I’ve had this question as my background on my phone for about a month now and each time I pick it up (which is at least 50 times a day), I answer the question. I woke up today to bring out the best in people and make a difference in their lives and businesses. To HAVE FUN being a creative entrepreneur and to find solutions to challenges.

Thank you to my fellow Scorpio Gary Vaynerchuk for sharing this wallpaper. Gary is not for the faint of heart, but I deeply respect his advice and I’m encouraged to push even harder whenever I listen to him. He literally lights a fire under my ass and drives me to give up the excuses, put my head down, and get back to work.

Only you know the answer as to why you woke up today, and what is going to get you excited to wake up tomorrow. Find it, and hold on to it dearly.

Download the wallpaper below and save it as your background x E

gary vee wallpaper.jpg
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