Einstein tongue

I’ve seen a lot of promotions online for scripts to sign new clients in just 5 minutes using very specific phrases. Sentences to copy and paste in your Instagram caption to get more followers. Even texts to send a guy to make him fall in love with you.

I hate to break it to you, but scripts definitely do not work. We are not robots - if reading off a script really brought us results, then we would all have hundreds of clients, thousands of followers and would be married to Brad Pitt.

To get the results you want, learn to use your intuition - it will bring you to incredible places. Tune in and listen to what your target audience really has to say an go from there. Anything else is just simply inauthentic. The person on the other side can feel it if it comes from a text meant to be sent to the masses instead of from your heart.

There is of course always room for improvement and polishing to make your message shine, but it has to start from you first.

Save your time and money and follow your gut the next time someone tempts you to copy and paste. As Albert Einstein once said, "the only really valuable thing is intuition"…

Elena CipriettiComment