The same sentence, four different messages. I am freaking obsessed with fonts. They give words LIFE, and set the tone for the experience you have with the brand. I’ve recently saved these fonts that have really caught (and held!) my attention, and I can’t wait to use them for my upcoming projects.

BOVEN Minimal, bold, with something very important to say. I especially love how funky the “E”s are. I can see this font for the logo of a children’s clothing brand. 

GAZE Whimsical, serious and sophisticated. I can picture this in the window of a quirky antique shop.

JACKSON A message that has to get out, even in a rush. You can picture the cluttered but brilliant mind of the genius that scribbled it. Perfect for an invitation to the opening of an art exhibit.

NORDIC Futuristic, Scandinavian, a work of art in and of itself. I can picture it on the packaging on jewelry boxes. 

What's your favorite font? Drop a line with the link in the comments!