Hats off to WeTransfer − I can’t get enough of WePresent “unexpected stories about creativity”.

I’ve spent hours on the website so far, completely enraptured by these fascinating stories on art, film, illustration, music, photography, and how tastefully they are presented.

There are no descriptions on the pictures on the homepage (above), which I find to be genius because the reader chooses to go down a brilliant path with barely any hint of its direction. Yesterday I explored curious corners of Western Nepal, Denmark and Mongolia.

I admire the mission of “more voices = better ideas”, because I find that the more I get out of my head and observe, the better content I create.

Stories I dig:

Ana Leovy / Blind contour drawing: “Perfection is not necessarily beautiful; different is more exciting”

Alice Mann / Photos from Prom night at Peak View High School outside of Cape Town: “I try to create work that challenges old stereotypes about life on the African continent”

Photographer Jess Bonham and set designer Anna Lomax / One word brief “Trust”: “We wanted to capture a moment of fragility that might not last forever”

Elena CipriettiComment