Nadia and I in Dubai, 2012

Nadia and I in Dubai, 2012

Nadia is my best friend, and one of the most brilliant people I know. We met in 2003 in Biology class during our freshman year of all-girls Catholic school as we dissected a pig while listening to Tupac. We then continued our studies fueled by rap music together at Fordham University, and took unforgettable trips to DC, Dubai, Amsterdam, and the Amalfi Coast. She is remarkably hardworking, an absolute genius, and is always making laugh until I cry.

She has a hysterical newsletter (sign up here!) that reminds me of a more approachable version of Gary Vee as she mixes sound business advice and hip-hop lyrics. She recently talked about the concept of a Personal Board of Directors from Extraordinary Routines, which I think everyone should create right now. Here’s what she shared:

  • This site does a great job of showcasing daily routines for folks in the creative field. I’ve loved each one, most recently the profile I read today on Jamila Rizvi: political commentator and author. She’s a big proponent for finding when your brain does its best work (9am-12pm in this case), and use that time for your best ideas/most important work.

  • What really stood out though was her idea of creating a Personal Board of Directors: that is — instead of internalizing comments from anyone and everyone (work or otherwise), think about the opinions you truly give a shit about from the people you respect. Then ask yourself what they would say when you’re receiving criticism or if someone is unimpressed with the work you’ve done. 

Who would be on your Board of Directors? 

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