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"Our thoughts are just fake news”. I consume a lot of content about mindfulness and returning to the present moment, but this simple analogy HIT ME. When I’m in my head and stuck in my thoughts, I tend to start believing the made-up scenarios that are the equivalent of garbage. They only waste time and energy, and distract me from reaching my objectives.

Over the last two yers, I’ve learned some ways to combat this. Meditation is what helps me the most, but I’ve found it hard to establish a consistent practice. Over the last 3 weeks, I’ve been doing 20 minutes of unguided meditation in the morning and another 10 minutes at night − and I have to say that it really works. It’s a relatively large time commitment, but I’ve noticed that I am way more level-headed and less stressed out.

I’m a strong supporter of THE WORK by Byron Katie (download PDF here). I tell everyone about it because it’s simple and just makes sense. And how liberating it it is to see that most of what causes us pain and anxiety is not even real, but just our thoughts.

Byron recently did an interview with the Bulletproof Podcast (#532 Hacking the Voice in Your Head), and I highly suggest listening to it. I’ve heard about the fake news analogy in the past, but they have a great discussion about this that’s easy to digest. I also really enjoyed how they went into the fact that in many other languages, our states of mind and sensations are expressed as something you have rather than something you are. For example, in Italian, ho sonno literally means “I have sleepiness” and ho fame literally means “I have hunger”. In English, we would say I am tired and I am hungry, meaning that it’s something that defines us instead of a passing feeling.

These simple techniques have really helped me return to the present - and hope that you’ll enjoy them too x

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