Where you are now: You can feel in your soul that what you have to offer is groundbreaking, but something just isn’t clicking. Or maybe sales are going great, but you don’t feel like you’re telling an authentic story and fear that the success isn’t sustainable.

Now, imagine sitting at your computer, opening your website, and feeling aligned with the reflection you see of your brand’s unique character. You smile as you hear random people on the street talking about how cool your company is, or see strangers tagging their friends on Instagram to check it out.

Watch the magic of The Butterfly Effect come to life. I will help you hold up the mirror and illuminate what makes you truly unique and unforgettable.


Ciao! I’m Elena

From a young age, I’ve been fascinated by art and decoding the hidden symbols and stories left by artists for those who are curious enough to ask questions and dig past the surface. I have an admiration for the talent and perseverance that goes into each masterpiece, and my curiosity to discover these anecdotes has only deepened over time. To me, each brand is a work of art in itself.

Visionary is the word that repeats itself when clients are asked to describe me. I bring my international experience in storytelling, social media, marketing and digital PR to identify and execute winning strategies for global brands.

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What 's in a name?

The Butterfly Effect was born from a choice between living in a comfortable cocoon or learning how to fly. The decision was almost instantaneous, and I took the leap without knowing where I would land. I trusted that something incredible was waiting for me on the other side.

I was born and raised in New York, but the minute I stepped foot on Italian soil I knew I was meant to live in this beautiful country. After seven incredible years based in Milan and traveling to over 30 countries for both work and adventure, I felt an unavoidable pull to move to Palermo, Sicily and open my consulting business, working with clients around the world.

Some may call it a foolish choice. I moved to an island with a seeming lack of opportunity where I didn’t know single soul, but I played the cards that were handed to me and developed my signature style. I like to call it Sicily meets Scandinavia: cheeky and sophisticated, minimal with pops of bold personality and eye-catching colors. My creative cup has run over as I take the time to savor the joy of simplicity, admire centuries of history, listen to stories passed down from generation to generation, and breathe in the energy of the sea.

The Butterfly Effect

I thought being a jack of all trades would get me farther in my career, but I realized that wearing so many hats was actually blocking my vision and creating a crazy amount of confusion. I had to really get clear on who I was and what I wanted to offer the world before I truly found balance and could achieve stellar results.

It’s not about working the most hours, but working smarter and cultivating the inner artist. Once you realize your potential and connect with your soul, there is nothing that can hold you back.

You can have everything you’ve dreamed of for your brand. You can experience the joy of welcoming your clients back time after time, or the excitement in their eyes when they discover your product for the first time.

Get your pen and paper ready.

It’s time to write a new story.

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